Saturday, February 11, 2012

Turbo Taxing

I love tax time.

Bullsh*t! I hate it. The only thing i DO like about it is that they are quickly going to the e-file. That make things so much faster and your refund goes directly into your bank.
At least I thought.

Watched on TV where Turbo Tax would allow you to file your taxes for free. My first thought was for free? Nothing today is free. So I learned, see later. I had bought Turbo Tax once before and got sucked into all the hype of "We'll get you the biggest refund". So after shelling out $30 (some years ago) took it home loaded the software and started up the program. I had already did my taxes my way and knew what I would get back. It went through the W-2's, Fed taxes, la la la and all that. Got to the end and let the program compute my refund. Amazing. The same amount that I had came up with but now I've wasted $30 on this POS software program that didn't do squat. Never again I thought. So I thought.

Flash ahead to today. The dear wifey says "why not use Turbo Tax they advertise it's free?".......Pause for my thinking.....Came up with, WTH I'll give it a try. Again, I had already done the math and figured out what we would get back doing it my way but thought I'd give it another try. Not gonna cost me anything right? Right? It's Free! Went to their web site and entered my log in and passwords and started off. The free version only applys to Federal tax returns, state filing costs $27. Illinois lets you file for free, why the charge? My first red flag was that right after I signed up, they were offering me the paid version, Just in case I was feeling guilty about them doing this for free. Next flag came up while entering my W-2. After entering my employers fed ID, TT alerted me that they "found" my W2 and if I signed up for the paid version, they would enter that information for me. Think not. For $39 I can enter a LOT of data myself. Went through the whole nine yards again about donations, deductions and all that. Next flag came when it asked for your state info. Was a little hesitant but entered it anyway thinking I would print it out and e-file it myself. Not paying for something I can do for free right? That's what I thought.

After checking, re-checking and more questions, here comes my refund total. WOW. Imaging that. Me and turbo tax have the same number ........again. Now I'm not bragging here, I am NO tax wizard but I can follow instructions. If there are no deductions, doesn't pay to buy software no matter how much hype you hear.

So I finally got to the end, after several more attempts to maybe see if I was generous enough to fork over some cash to pay for this Free service, and there it was. At the end, when your just ready to e-file, you have two choices. First is to file by mail or e-file federal for free. Second choice is to pay $27 dollars and e-file state or Pay now and file state later. Hummmmm. So since they have done your state, they think you should pay for it either way. I say BS. Backtracked into the program and found where you can delete your state tax information. After that, went to the end and tried again and waa-laa. It's now free and only federal but Illinois e-file is so simple once you have the federal done. Or I thought.

So TT files my federal tax return........ electronically.....within seconds.....over a secure internet connection. Great. Why not print a copy for my files and for help on my IL tax return. Uh Huh.
Hit the print button and waited FOREVER. I mean like I was smoking some ribs and turkey outside and left to pull the ribs off. Cleaned up the mess, covered the ribs and put them out to cool and came back to the computer and huh. Still not printed. So I opened a new window and started on my IL e-file. Went thru the whole form, filed and printed a copy for myself before going back to TT, and still not printing.

Let's just say I printed out the email confermation I recieved from TT, I have no copy of the tax form I filed and I will NOT be paying for tax software again !

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