Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Watergrass, Nutgrass

I was brought up thinking this was water grass. Damned weed grows like crazy when the weather turns wet so always believed it. Until it started growing in MY yard.

Did some research on the Internet on just exactly this annoying little weed is. Come to find out it is Nutgrass or nutsedge, and it's not too easy to kill.

You can do a search on Google to find plenty of info and pictures if you think this is what you have. It grows at a amazingly fast rate and makes your yard look like it hasn't been mowed in a week 2 days after mowing it.

I am currently trying this Bayer Advanced Lawn Weed and

Crabgrass Killer. Never been a fan of putting chemicals on
the yard since I have had dogs, but this stuff is annoying.

Currently at one week since application and I do not see the nut grass brown and dried up. The crabgrass and clover has turned brown and died, but not the intended target. Although I have noticed that the nutgrass has NOT sprouted right back up for days after a mowing. The instructions say to apply a second application 2 weeks after the first, so I'll see what happens.


FRED said...

It's also hell on above ground pool liners. Will grow right through them.

Jimmys Tool Box said...


I did read even plastic sheeting put over it will not stop it. Thought a thicker pool liner might. Guess not.

Can't really tell if this stuff is working or not. It has slowed it down but not sure it's dead.

FRED said...

I don't have a pool, but I've researched A LOT in preparation of getting one and this stuff is warned against universally. Keep it as far away from your pool as possible. It grows on rhizomes (spreading underground roots) and is encouraged by excess moisture, e.g., rain or what your pool is filled with. I even read that burning it with a torch will not kill it unless done daily. It just keeps coming back. Fun, fun.

Anonymous said...

You can buy a tool (looks like a golf club) that allows a bottle of vegetation killer diluted with water to screw on the handle end. The club face consists of a sponge. You have to get the sponge saturated JUST RIGHT (too little moisture on the sponge - no kill, too much moisture, it drips and kills too much. You use it by mowing one night and then coming back about two nights later and 'wiping' the wet sponge on the tallest grasses, which of course is the nutgrass. If the veg killer runs off the sponge, you will end of with some ugly but very intersting kill pattern designs in your yard.

Having written all that...mostly so you won't be duped into trying it, the best way to remove it is to pull it out by hand making sure you pull it out down low so as to get the root ball, looks like onions do. Works best when the ground is wet. You just have to take a section of your yard and get after it. I'm sure you are experiencing a large infestation and also have a large yard. It only affects people with large yards, natch. After you get it out, work like a dog to keep it out. When it reappears, get after it with a vengenance. Also, try to eliminate flowing and collecting water in your yard created by low spots and areas that don't drain.

I believe it is systemic in nature, meaning you can only kill it thru the blades. Granules in the ground will not faze it.

Good luck and continue to post about it, especially if you learn something that could help me or others.

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson

Anonymous said...

My pool installer says to treat with Trioxide for nutgrass