Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot Laptop

After packing my HP back to the service center for the second time, I was forced to drag out my Acer laptop that I ditched for the HP. It was getting real hot and had the BSOD come on at random. Never spent any time fixing it...... until now.

One problem was the tremendous amount of heat that came out the fan exit shortly after starting it. Had taken back cover and blown out the screen and that area before but read about a guy who took it one step further and took off the fan cover.

Tried that with mine and discovered a t-shirt and a pair of socks lodged in mine. Took some canned air and blew it out and the overheating problem disappeared.

Imaging that.

As far as the BSOD, it would never run chkdsk, never Virus scan and randomly slow down or lock up. Once you canceled the chkdsk at start-up it would run for a undetermined amount of time before you would have to restart it.

Again, found a guy who removed his hard drive and hooked it up to his desktop and ran the dskchk off of his desktop. Since it was not the primary hard drive it worked. Ran that and then ran defrag after that and this thing is haulin' ass now.

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