Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bayer Advanced - 0 Nutgrass - 2

Well, it's week 5 and all I can say is save your money and don't buy this. I put one treatment on with the hose end applicator as instructed on my front lawn first. 3 days later, I applied it to the back yards. The back yard is very well infested with the nut grass. After a week you could tell it did slow down the growth of the grass. Waited another week (per instructions) and applied the second application with a spot sprayer.

2 weeks after the second application I noticed brown dead areas in the yard. The nut grass was alive and growing like I had just fertilized it. And crabgrass, didn't touch it either. All the turf grass around the nutgrass was dead and brown. Nice.

The green in this picture is the nutgrass and crabgrass, the brown grass is my turf fescue that is now dead

The places where I applied it the second time ( pretty heavy) it had killed the nutgrass...and everything around it.

Did I apply it as directed. Yes. Both times.

At best I would guess that this is diluted Round-up.


FRED said...

It says right there on the label, "won't harm lawns". Can't you read?

Anonymous said...

Got a professional applicator guy coming 8-24 who says his stuff works. If it does, I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...


Notice the little footnote behind the "Won't harm lawns" ?

Anonymous said...

Google Nutgrass Nihilator. A tiny amount goes in one gallon of water in a pump sprayer. You have to order it online. It kills the nutlets too!! I sprayed mine a few days ago here in Oklahoma and it is tan in color now. You can spray it in vegetable gardens too. Kills some other weeds also. It is worth the money!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the the info. I will try that.