Monday, January 16, 2012

Act on Energy

So. I get my monthly/yearly energy usage from Ameren/Act on Energy and have been on a slow burn since I got it.

My Electric usage says that I use 99% MORE last year than my 100 neighbors. My Natural gas is 14% BELOW last year than my 100 neighbors.

Now, What burns my ass is that I'm pretty sure they didn't compare on equal grounds. From previous posts, ya all know I have a pool AND use solar heat to heat it, AND have installed a salt water generator to cut down on chemical use. I also have a 80 lbs per day Ice maker and just acquired a 400 lbs per day Ice maker that I use during the summer. I use almost all the energy saving ideas that I know of and yet I use 99% more electric?

Now a little quick background about all this. I have been involved with the Act on Energy Business program at my work since the day I learned about it. It is a very good program and has loads of opportunities for businesses to purchase energy saving equipment/services with rebate incentives to reduce their electric/gas bill. I have not kept track of the grand total but know it is over $50 k that I've done with the program. And yes you might say I'm addicted to saving energy. I traded my H2 Hummer for a Prius.

I didn't have a problem with the natural gas. My house is heated with NG central heating and also have a NG water heater that I just replaced in June. I have replaced the aluminum siding on the house and installed R-14 insulation and R-7 siding boards under the vinyl siding. I know that my house is insulated better than my neighbors.

Well. After the holiday season has wound down ( lack of posting ) I went back and tried to figure why my electric is soo high. Come to find out if you don't update account info, it basically take generic information and assumes all house are more less the same. One example is that they take your square footage of the county tax info. If you have a basement, it's not included. You need to change it. It also has a option for if you own a pool ( bonus ). Also states that after you make any changes it might take up to one billing cycle for changes to take effect.

We'll see next month !


Jimmys Tool Box said...


And if you click on the title "Act on Energy" it's a hyperlink that will take you to their website for their ideas on how to save energy for your home. Forgot that.

Somedamn Day said...

Yes, I realize it's been a couple of years now since you kindly wrote this informative post on energy use, how it all worked for you personally.. along with resources on ways to save $$. :) Although I'm a couple years late & a few dollars short (Ha!) I still wanted to say thank you! For your time, info, resources & updates. They were all very interesting, helpful & resourceful so again~ Tk you!
Hope all is well & Best wishes always!