Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CompuPool Salt Chlorine Generator Part II

From the instructions, it calculates at .03 lbs of salt to each gallon of water. Since the pool is 20,000 gallons that works out to 600 lbs of salt. Pool salt at Wally World is about $6 for 40lbs. I needed 15 bags and who wants to pack 15 - 40lbs bags thu WalMart? Went to Farm & Home Supply and got water softener salt that met the 99.8% purity that was required. It was on sale for $3.99 a bag. They loaded it up with a forklift and I was off.
This is what 600 lbs of salt looks like in the garage.
One footnote about the Salt generator since last post is that noticed that the box it came in said "for in ground pool". Emailed Compupool and they had a quick reply that the above ground and below ground had the same physical makeup but the above ground had a timer and the in ground did not. Since I run mine off a timer they said it would be fine and wire it up to the timer.
Next was the adding of the salt to the pool.

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