Sunday, December 28, 2008

Electronic Door Lock

Replaced this:

With this:

New digital lock from Schlage
I picked up at the big box store.
Took about 15 min to install and program.

Zero problems installing it in an existing door.

Rather than give out keys, you can program in a 4 digit code for visitors. When done, the code can be erased.

Very simple to use and program.


TOOKIE said...

I have a mechanical code lock on my door . Great once all the relatives, friends, and inlaws remember the code.

The big mistake you made was buying a home lock from a big box. Go to Mid States Door and Hardware next time.

I always shake my head at the new homes ($200k and up) with a $15 lockset .

Always get commercial grade !

Jimmys Tool Box said...

Sorry Tookie,

I had a Big Box Gift Card. Don't think Midwest would cash it.

Damned cool lock though.

TOOKIE said...

I have a Bosch 18 vt and can be through that core in 30 secs , looks nice but it is really JUNK ...........

Check City Desk tomorrow

TOOKIE said...

But seriously , I know NOTHING about lock sets


Anonymous said...

Damned Tookie, why not just bust out a window?

Woody said...

GEE why would you put a lock like that on a bedroom door????