Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's in St. Bernard Slaiva?

This lovable dog slobbers something terrible. Her food dish after eating looks like the most disgusting thing! Cleaning it requires a scrub brush and a brillo pad. No amount of soaking will loosen this stuff.

I have worked in food related business for quite some time and stainless steel is the industry standard for food contact. The bowl is Stainless steel and even after washing it, there is a film of 'Nard spit!

If 3M was smart, they would do some R&D on this stuff!


TOOKIE said...

Lab slobber is butt nasty also .

I have a study on Lab shed going . The two males are brothers and shed but not at the ratio of the fat female from a different litter.

Also we have a lazy study . The fat female is lazy , the chubby red is semi lazy , and the big ole black is a type a can't lay down super freak .

Jimmys Tool Box said...

If the choice is Lab or Bernard? I'll take the Lab slobber every time.

Her food dish after a week looks like a cotton candy machine after a hard month at the state fair.

As far as lazy? There both pretty lazy right now due to the cold weather.

Don't EVEN get me started on the shedding!

TOOKIE said...

My black lab plays fetch with himself . The son of a bitch can't just relax. He will place a ball buy a couch then freeze in a full point , once he reaches a certain level of "oh shit a ball" he will then pounce on it like a pheasant .

Then he will repeat this game until he passes out .

Anonymous said...

I knew a guy that did the same thing with a can of beer.