Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome to My World

Every since I remember, I have always been fascinated with mechanical stuff. I remember taking apart my dads VW engine and rebuilding it at the age of 14.

I have been in the beverage business since the age of 18. Started as a truck mechanic at Coca Cola and got sucked into the production and vending side of the business when I was bored and looking for stuff to do. Sometime during this, I acquired my ASE Master Mechanic certifications for automotive mechanic.

After about 9 years of that, I ventured over to Pepsi Cola as a maintenance mechanic. Spent about the same time over there until they shut down production. Bummer.

Lucky for me, Wis-Pak decided to open a production facility here and I got hired on as the Maintenance Manager. Every day there a new adventure. No two days have ever been alike. Everyday is like walking into a giant mechanical playground, there's always something to do.

Things in my world are either black or white. No Gray.

Either it works or it don't. Not kinda.

If it's not broke, it probably doesn't have enough cool features added to it yet.

Why this Blog?

I have no idea.

I have worked with a wide variety of people. Some seemingly average people have shown me things that I had no idea how they came to the correct solutions to people who I am amazed that they find the gas cap when they pull into the station.

I just think I have enough mechanical background to at least help one person out.


Take this blog with a grain of salt and maybe, just maybe one thing you read may help you out. I will stick to mostly my personal experiences and stuff I have knowledge of. Trust me. I have no problem saying " I don't know".

I reserve the right to venture off on personal crap when I am bored or think it may be of general interest.

Grammar here is going to suck. I didn't score high in grammar in high school.

Just a warning.

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