Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mark Twain Lake 7.30.08

Ever see close to a half a million gallons of water a second falling from a spillway?

Went over there on 7.30.08 and took a lot of pictures and video. Unfortunetly I can't figure how to upload them to youtube. Have a good one of the crowd that was there and the line of cars on each side of the road from the dam. We parked close to a half mile away and had to walk there.

The COE had at least 8 people on the observation deck that were answering each and every question that was tossed to them. It was interesting how they determined just how much water was flowing thru the gates. I was also stunned that the gates were only open about 4 feet. When questioned on how high they could go, she replied " all the way up". Wow. The whole fact filled and very informational session ended when some idiot asked " Why ya lettin' all the water out".

If I would have had one handy, I would have given it to him and said " Here's your sign"

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