Monday, March 18, 2013

Power Smart Pricing - 1 Year

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Somedamn Day said...

$364 saved? Awesome! I would be putting that $$ into a separate account letting it add up for those unexpected "Oh Sh*t Days* Or save it up & use during a really nice LONG vacation! Not exactly sure what that word means entirely, but I've heard they were freak'n awesome! Lol! OR save it all up for YEARS as a future graduation gift for a child or grandchild. Oh the many possibilities right? Imagine an untouched $364 x's 12 years? That would be close to a really nice $5k graduation gift. That's what I'm gonna do! My grandson is in 2nd grade so I'll have to put a couple years worth back to start it now, but it's well worth it. According to my savings after calculating my current bill minus the difference after signing up TODAY here in my state which will be bit different than yours... it appears to be a $425 savings at the end of the year. Plus I'm gonna get the programmable thermostat you mentioned which is awesome so it may be just a little more than that. Cool! Thank you again! And to think I was only googling info for a friend who's considering corrective nose surgery in which case your information there was also very helpful. SO~ I got myself a 2 for 1 today! Woohoo! Now I'm done for! Time to go to work :( Lol!