Monday, March 28, 2011

Rhinophyma: Day Fourteen

3/22 Last Dr. Appointment today, doing fine. Keep Moist, NO SUN.


HP said...

Hi Jimmy,
I came to your website through a google images search for rhinophyma. I was hoping to get an update on your recovery.
If you don't mind my asking, what were the costs involved with the procedure. Would you recommend the treatment?

Jimmys Tool Box said...


Posted pic of my own because I could not find any info myself. As far as my update, really no change. It has healed rather well and wifey wants me to go see my local derm to make sure everything is OK.

As far as the cost I'm thinking is was around $2700. and insurance didn't pay squat. Said it was cosmetic but would pay forever on any and every cream avaliable. Go figure. I had 3 times the claims to fix it with creams.

Would I recommend it? Yes. It was one of those thing that gradualy got worse and I never really noticed it until it was really bad. I look back at old pictures now and laugh at why I would not notice something like that?

Need any more info free free to ask or email me.

Best of luck !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy,

Just wanted to follow up with you and see if the rhinophyma has grown back since your surgery?

Jimmys Tool Box said...

Anon. 12:47
Well, doesn't look as good as the first month after but not as bad as when I had it fixed. I have always had fairly rough skin on my nose so it is hard to tell. If you need any more info, you can also e-mail me.

Thanks for stopping by!