Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HP 'puter problems

Been without my HP laptop since last week.

Last Friday my HP laptop screen went haywire on me. Started having candy stripe baby blue lines in the background where there should have been only white. Also noticed on a black background, there was lightning looking red lines randomly streaking thru the screen.

Emailed HP thru their support website letting them know I had a problem.
I received a reply back in less than a hour and then described more in detail what exactly what was going on. Tech sent me a reply in about 20 minutes telling me that it would have to go back for repair. I then wondered if I would see it before the new year.

The box arrived 12.9 at 12:06 pm. Fex Ex surprisingly delivered it on my lunch hour (more on this latter). I gathered my puter and returned to work as it uses Fed Ex to ship packages out. It was picked up at 4:19 PM that same day. I received email latter that night from HP telling me that my return box had been shipped and gave a link to Fed Ex showing the delivery tracking. Pretty cool. It was returned by 2 day delivery so my hopes were not high of them getting it before Friday.

Checked my email at lunch Friday 12.11 and got another email that HP had received the laptop at 6:55AM. WOW. Still my hopes were not high of receiving any news before Monday.

Later Friday night checked email again and HP had repaired the laptop and shipped it back out at 1:58 that afternoon. Holy Crap that was fast! Also checked again Sunday while watching football and it was sitting in Memphis TN. Didn't think it would go too far during the weekend and was expecting it Tuesday 12.15.

Coming home from work Monday, I saw that Fed Ex had attempted to deliver it @ 11:22am. Who the heck is home at 11:22 in the morning? Yes, I was excited about getting it back, but was not going to take off work to receive it! Entered Door Tag number into Fed Ex web site and it had all the info right there. At 2:45 it was sitting at the main terminal. Swung by and picked it up, took it home and tested it out. Screen and everything was fixed as promised! All under warrenty.

Have to give HP a A+ for customer support, repair, communication and speed.

Also have to give Fed Ex a A+ for tracking and speed. (need to work on the delivery times tho)!

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