Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cell Battery Drain

Friend of mine told me that the biggest drain on a cell phone was when it was looking for a signal.

Low and behold I recently had a chance to test that theory out.

Was out pretty much in the middle of no where and had trouble getting a signal inside of a building I was working in. My battery was fully charged before I went to work, and by noon it was down to one bar.

Seeing my life is full of little experiments, that night I charged it again and left it in the car. The battery at noon was still charged and again too when I left that that night.

That was only two days tho...

Third experiment was the same as day two and the battery was still fully charged at the end of the day. Day four, I took inside and left it on the desk all day. By the time I left, I had the "low battery" flashing at me.


That theory is correct !!!

Did some looking on the net tonight and found this and some other ways to save on battery drain.

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