Monday, August 10, 2009

Travel Options

Before taking off on my last trip south to see my honey, a friend of mine mentioned that I should look into renting a car rather than drive my 6400 lb Avalanche.

Looked on line at Enterprise and they are running a 4 day special with unlimited miles.

Did some quick math and figured that it would be $60 more renting a car, but figured out that it would be worth it to keep the miles off of the truck.

Went there wanting to rent a full sized car but the lady there suggested this stylish sports mid sized thing since it was the only one that has cruise control (strange).

Stopped in Hannibal and got fuel but didn't pay attention to amount or price. First stop for fuel was in Ft. Campbell. Was thinking this is where I normally stop in the truck and was thinking that the fuel mileage was going to be the same as the Avalanche. Much to my surprise this mid-sized beauty only held 10.001 gallons. Quick math also told me that 365 miles into 10 gallons was 36.5 miles a gallon !!! This is double what the Chevy is getting. Sweet!

After I returned, I collected all my reciepts and took the car back and tallied up the total costs. The Avalanche used right at 80 gallons on a round trip. Gas spent on the rental was 41.2 gallons. Rental car costs were 101.17 for the weekend so the total difference between rental cost and fuel vs, the fuel alone on the truckster was $2.07 higher renting.

Got the real expence of driving a suv from this site, so the real expense of driving the truck jumps up with mait. and tires cost added another $83.20 onto the truckster total which makes it saving me some $85 dollars renting.



Anonymous said...

LOL I'd love seeing you drive this down Broadway. LOL

Anonymous said...

too bad it's not available in yellow!!