Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Road Rage - Illinois Version II

First Pic is a Road Kill semi that mistakenly

read the road construction speed limit as 25

rather than 45. Added 15 min to the GPS

arrivial time.

Pic #2 here is "Scooter" . He was on a what I think was a 125 cycle doing 70 down the left hand lane from Ft. Campbell to all the way to the Georgia border. He spent 80% of his time in the left hand lane doing 70 MPH. Bike would not do anything over that.

Pic #3 is just some random dumbass that was crusing in the left hand lane that I passed on the right because he was doing 68 MPH.

Pic #4 is a pack of pokeys I got behind, as you can see the time stamp at 9:22 am. Notice the SUV in the lead on the LEFT who was going 70.0001 MPH who thought he deserved to drive in the left hand lane.

Pic #5 shows more or less the same cars 22 min later all following the same person.

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