Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baggage Cart 10.10.08

Updated 10.22.08


Here's my next project.

It's whats left of a old CB&Q baggage cart. The wheels and support assembly is about the only thing left. The wood has rotted off and most of the metal attachments are gone.

My first intent was to try to restore it back to original. After trying to find the exact dimensions and trying to fabricate new parts that looked old, I'm just going to make it look close to what it did.

Closest thing I found on the internet was one here.


Been busy as hell this week with other things around the house. Main thing was to clean out my woodworking shed so I could finally find things.

Also have been drying out the treated lumber purchased at the local lumber yard. This crap is so wet, the might as well have is sitting in a tank of water.

Back to the project....while my neighbor and I were cleaning, he found several other metal pieces to the cart. I had already had most of the bed support in place. Lucky the dimensions I started with are damned close to matching up with the metal found.

Added the two support rods that were used on both ends and this really seemed to stiffen up the middle of the bed.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have more time to work on this since the weather will be cold and crappy.

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